Welcome everyone!

Here a breve introduction to this Event.


Designers must create at least 1 quality and unique item for this event, *Never sold before*No Resellers*.  Also we will give the logo that must be placed in the stores to advertise the event.

We will be placing all the stores logos on the “Stores” section with direct landmark of the store, and link to a website or blog if available.


  • Bloggers and Designers Application deadline: (Date TBA)
  • Event Dates: (Date TBA)
  • Gift Cost: $0-1L each for hunters. (gift do not have to be new)
  • Theme: Casual Look.
  • Group: You and/or your representative, will join the event group and remain until the end of the hunt.
  • You agree to rezz Event sign on your store to help promote the event.


  • Regular: Cost: 500L – 5 prims (1 exclusive item for the fair)
  • Sponsor: Cost: 2000 – 12prims (min 1 exclusive items for the fair)+ Ad-board. (store will be placed close to the landing point).

*Additional Ad-boards will be available for designers to purchase at the fair.*


  • Your blog must be at least 6 months old.
  • Must be able to post at least 3 items from the event.
  • We are not able to accept all applicants.
  •  Only those who are accepted will be contacted.
  • LIMITED spaces available.


  • You will not be invited to group until (Date TBA). That’s when final list will be posted.
  • Incomplete apps will be disregarded.


  • Indy Carissa
  • 321ALOndra Rexen
  • Gillian Bravitz


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