Getting Ready…

Hunt start tomorrow, and we are very exited!!.  Get ready to visit 48 stores with amazing gifts for you!!

This is the item you need to look for on each store.

Hints: You must click on the Hunt logo, located on the store entrance and pick the Hint notecard. Keep in mind Hint was not required, that means not all the stores will have a hint available.

Cost? 1L

How many stores?: 48

Starting point? EnvyMe

Click “Stores” for list of stores and landmarks. A landmark is included on each box indicating the next stop.

Have Fun!!!

Hunters can join Hunt Group: secondlife:///app/group/e32a959f-dfa9-a1ee-4bd5-950559c36b84/about   (copy/paste in world)


Applications CLOSED

Hunt group has been sent to designers and bloggers.

Thanks for all the applicants!

Check this blog often for updates.


Group has been sent to Designers and Bloggers. Applications still open until May 31st.

If you are a designer and did not receive the group, contact Indy Carissa, Gillian Bravitz or 321ALOndra Rexen.